Nice Choice Isnt She Lovely

 Breeder  Sini Rantanen

 Owner  Sabine Egenolf-Jackson 

HD-B1 PRA/LL free at age seven


Deutscher Veteranenchampion KTR

Deutscher Champion VDH

Deutscher Champion Club

Deutscher Jugendchampion

Winner Baden - Württemberg 2007

Best in Show Puschendorf 2013

Best in Show Veteran Großkarlbach 2013

Best in Show II Großkarlbach 2013





Barjea Mai Ling Panda

Barjea Mischief  Falcore (ROM)

Barjea Marthas´ Romeo (ROM)

Bayside Spectacular Sunrise (ROM)

Barjea Mai Ling Summer Wind (ROM)

Barjea Marthas´ Romeo (ROM)

Barjea Mischief´s  Nikita (ROM)

Soleydan High Hopes

Chic Choix Marlon Brando

Chic Choix Rhett Butler

Marlo Somethin Jesica

Chic Choix Parti Gal Sal

Chic Choix Ashley Wilkes

Brittborgen´s Etana


My parents


Sire:  BARJEA MAI LING PANDA                                Dam:  SOLEYDAN HIGH HOPES



 Nice Choice Isn't She Lovely

Xsini came to us as a 9 week old puppy. Since then 2 years have passed by.

She has now finished her titles German Champion Club

and German Champion VDH & German Veteranchampion KTR!

It was, as they say " a piece of cake " for her.

When she is in the Showring she moves with so much grace and style

it's unbelievable !

To discribe her wonderful character is difficult, because it would't

fit on this page. I'd have to write a book on Xsini.

Just to say this . . she's the best companion, my best friend, the greatest

familymember one can ever dream of . .  she's my soulmate!

Xsini is my dream come true and she stole my heart forever!

She is the mother of many beautiful puppies, that all have the most wonderful character, just like Xsini!

Thank you so much Sini for leting me have my Soulmate! She's the love of my life!



Xsini took another Best of Breed in Erfurt! Way to go girl!

She has been specialed four times now, every time with BOB!

Great job after one year staying on the couch! :-)